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5Tonga Bar(8)

a slice of the pacific on a cold bergen night, the Tonga Bar is a great place to pretend you are on holidays for a night. Great range of tropical drinks and a nicely done Island theme interior, and friendly bar staff.
Spesielt bra: Daquris
Spesielt dårlig: Number of toilets

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5Finnegan's Irish Pub(8)

A real expat haven, but also good student bar. Finnegans boasts a good sheltered beer garden and some of Bergens cheapest beer! Look out for the massive beer glasses in October, and get there early on busy nights if you want somewhere to sit. Music generally very good. Great place for the thrifty drunkard.
Spesielt bra: October fest

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4Bryggeloftet & Stuene Restaurant(6)

A very traditional norwegian eatery. If you have friends visiting Bergen who would like to try Lutefisk, Raspeballer, or Lapskaus.. even reindeer or whale steaks.. then this is a good place to go. Located in the middle of the Bryggen row of buildings. The food is medium to high end pricewise, but makes up for it with the service and quality of food.

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3Engelen Nightclub(2)

this place is great if it is a really busy night in town and you are looking for somewhere less crowded you can have fun and dance at. cover charge is a bit expensive, and drinks not too cheap. this seems to make it a place you can get into any time and on any night, but might cost you a bit more.

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5Xanadu Sportsenter(2)

right on danmarksplass, this gym is a great place to train. while it is sometimes a bit busy, the large range of machines, variety of fitness classes, and friendly staff more than makes up for it. for the less comitted gym goers there is a 20 visit card you can buy and use over a 6 month period, and so avoid paying for half a year and only going a few times.

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5Quick Sushi(7)

great place to stop if you want a quick and healthy snack on the way home. not too expensive for sushi

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5Fantofthallen Klatre og Treningssenter(1)

good all round gym for both classes or just doing your own thing. enough machines to go around, and a good range of equipment. a little busy some weeknights, but always enough space for everyone.
Spesielt bra: climbing wall
Spesielt dårlig: not enough drinking fountains

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63 Kroneren(4)

forget macdonalds or waiting in line for a crappy kebab. this place is the number one place to go after drinking a belly full of whatever takes your fancy in bergen. with a full range of hotdogs from reindeer and bratwursts, to regular cheese hotdogs, and my personal favorite... the two foot cheese stuffed chilli dog, this blogger's own personal late night mana from heaven. these things are like a drunks man's nirvana, every bite is a flavour explosion that sometimes shoots hot oil into your eye, injects chilli oil into your veins. perhaps better than sex and a bit more messy, but it really depends who you are doing it with. i could talk about them all day, but after thinking about them i have to go and get one.. full marks (avoid the chilli dogs if you have a weak stomach or a meeting the next morning)
Spesielt bra: quick and good
Spesielt dårlig: if there is a line, but there very rarely is

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2Skibet Mex Tex(3)

Just when you thought "tex mex" was dated; you realise it is!
This place serves mediocre food at prices that imply either great food or huge servings, but sadly didnt deliver on either of the two.
The only reason this place got two out of six points is because i managed to scrape together enough NOKs to get an absolute skinfull, and we had a veldig fine jenta for a waitress with nice thighs. Keep doing those step ups.
I wouldn't go back if i was paying, and would probably fill up on bread before i went to avoid going home hungry.

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5Zachen Pianobar(4)

great place to go and drink a beer/coffee whilst looking over the scenic bergen harbour. quiz night on thursdays and fridays is great fun, and is in english. good prizes and fun questions. thursday nights is cheap beer upstairs for students (or those with student id). approximately 25 NOKs per beer.

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