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5Brød & Vin Restaurant(10)

This is a friendly run chinese eat-in, (but they also do take-away)

It doesn't look like a typical chinese from the outside, and with a name like "Brød og Vin" folks might be allowed to be confused. But if you want to taste some of the best chinese I've had in Norway, at extremely reasonable prices, this is the place to be.

Its cheap enough to eat there regularly- and good enough to take visitors/parents etc

I recomend the chicken and cashewnuts, Kr65- with extra chilli, for a real kick!

Spesielt bra: good sized portions, fairly cheap

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1Peppes Pizza - Ole Bulls Plass(1)

Chain restaurants are normally overpriced; poor quality; with food full of lard; staffed by people who don't want to be there- I wonder what they get paid?

Peppe's does not fail to disappoint

Do dice have a 0 on them???

if you were pissed, or high, in need of munchies and all your taste buds had died along with braincells, and you'd just found out you'd won the British lottery (the norsk lottery would not give you enough money!), and just been given the all clear by your doctor about your cholesterol levels, and just landed in Norway and you didn't know better- you might, if you were desperate, wander in to Peppe's

I can't grace this review with more the use of the beautiful English language!
Too much spleen, I think not!

Spesielt bra: Peppe's does not fail to disappoint
Spesielt dårlig: YES!

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For the "cool and trendy" brigade.

Do you dig "Kings of convenience"?
Are you too cool to hangout with the "beautiful people"?
Or too "Alternative" to be seen at Ricks?
Do you like to sit on second hand furniture randomly set together, while drinking cotardos?
Do you wear a concoction of 70s n 80s clothing? I dig the big glasses baby!
Are you too cool for skole?

If the answer's YES then pingvinen is the place for you, you ultra cool dude!

This is a great place to hangout, eat good traditional norsk food, and watch the world go by-if you can find a table-it's usually packed!

I really like this place, eve though I am about as cool as a pocket calculator!

However the BIG MINUS - the coffee is not great, I've tried all they have! On the PLUS side it's probably "fair-trade" coffee though; so I've given up and now just drink their "varm sjokelade" .. beautiful!

Spesielt bra: atmosphere, the food, coolness
Spesielt dårlig: it would have got five points had the coffee been better!

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5British Lion(3)

As the name suggests this is a non-norweigen style pub wth a relaxed atmosphere, where both nordmenn and ex-pats hang out. It shows loads of different sporting events, football (inc. Norsk and English)and Rugby.Has loads of screens, so can show different matches at the same time.

It can be quite quiet early doors, but this place absolutly rocked during the 2007 rugby world cup - Where else in Bergen would you have prefered to be when England smashed Australia????

So if you want to meet for a quite pint, have just moved to Bergen, or want a wicked night without loads of "beutiful people" showing off their Gucci bags this is the place

Spesielt bra: good place to meet- relaxed atmosphere

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