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I have been to this restaurant last year in holidays from Poland ...

There is many delicious and traditional Pakistani and Indian dishes having outstanding taste and well behaved staff who always use to keep the restaurant clean and well ventilated ...

Specially I like the way to welcome me and then catered fresh and delicious meal quickly.

I wish to visit there in this summer again ...

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Januar 2010

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6Tandoori Curry Corner(11)


Now everyone can join Tandoori Curry Corner on Facebook.

Tandoori Curry Corner has an official group on facebook now.

Lets join and comment there ...
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6Tandoori Curry Corner(11)

I have been to this restaurant last year from Krakow Poland.

They catered and cheap dainty meal of both Pakistani and Indian standards. I like all meals of their menu.

I also like the neatness of the restaurant and well behaved staff there. I found it very better as compare to others, because they have fresh and cheap meals as compare to other restaurants in Oslo where I have been.

Their Naan, Laam, Rise and Kebabs are out standing !!!!

To me it is one of the best cheapest and good restaurant in Oslo.

I am advising all the foreigner colleagues to have a visit there, yours will find it the same as mine.

100000................00 Stars for it!
Spesielt bra: Cleanness of the restaurant and cheap meals.
Spesielt dårlig: wait 3 minutes in rush.

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